Government of Montenegro

The Government of Montenegro is the executive organ of government in Montenegro. Government is chosen by the majority members of the Parliament of Montenegro, and consists of the Prime Minister, one or more Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers.

The government defines domestic and foreign policy of Montenegro, enforces the laws, regulations and by-laws, passes decrees, decisions and other acts for the enforcement of the law, concludes international treaties, proposes the development plan and spatial plan of Montenegro, proposes the budget and the final budget, proposes the national security and defense strategy, decides on the recognition of states and the establishment of diplomatic and consular relations with other countries, nominates ambassadors and heads of diplomatic missions of Montenegro abroad, and performs other duties specified by the Constitution or by law.

Montenegrin Prime Minister is Duško Marković.

Deputy Prime Ministers of Montenegro are Milutin Simović, Zoran Pažin i Rafet Husović.