State symbols

State symbols of Montenegro are coat of arms, flag and anthem.

The coat of arms of Montenegro is in the form of golden crowned double-headed eagle with wings in flight, with a scepter in his right hand and an orb in its left claw on a red base. On the chest of the eagle there is a shield with a gold lion passing. Lion is on a green field with a blue background. The crown above the eagles’ head and the scepter are golden with a cross on top. The orb is blue with gold adornments and a cross.

Flag of Montenegro is red, with the coat of arms in the middle and with a golden border. The ratio of length to width is two to one. The coat of arms on the flag occupies 2/3 of its height. The central point of the coat of arms coincides with the point where the diagonals of the flag cross. Width of the golden border is 1/20 of the narrow part of the flag.



Anthem of Montenegro is "Oh, Bright Dawn of May". The notation (notni zapis)

Text of the anthem is:

Oh, bright dawn of May, our mother Montenegro
We are sons of your rocks and keepers of your honesty

We love you, the rocky hills, and your awesome gorges
That never came to know the chains of shameful slavery.

While our unity gives wings to our Lovćen cause
Proud shall be, celebrated will be, our dear homeland.

A river of our waves, jumping into two seas,
Will bear voice to the ocean, may eternal be our Montenegro!