Montenegro is an independent and sovereign state, with a republican form of government. Montenegro is a civic, democratic, ecological state of social justice founded on the rule of law.
Montenegro covers an area of 13,812 km.
The capital city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is the old royal capital of Montenegro.
According to the census of 2011. in Montenegro there are 625 266 inhabitants, who, by ethnicity are the following:

  • 44.98% Montenegrins
  • 28.73% Serbs
  • 8.65% Bosniaks
  • 4.91% Albanians
  • 3.31% Muslim
  • 0.97% Croats
  • 8.45% other

Montenegro is a multinational and multi-religious state, in which the sovereignty lies with the Montenegrin citizen with the Montenegrin citizenship.
The official language in Montenegro is Montenegrin, and languages in official use are Serbian, Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian.
Montenegro is connected with Europe and the world by air, road and waterways.
Air transport is conducted via two international airports: Golubovci-Podgorica (TGD) and Tivat (TIV). National airline is the company "Montenegro Airlines".
Road vehicles can come to Montenegro from all the surrounding countries. The total length of the railways in Montenegro is 250 km. Moreover, there are two rail lines: Bar -Podgorica -Bijelo Polje, which is part of the Belgrade- Bar railway, and Nikšić -Podgorica- Božaj. Railway junction is Podgorica.
The total length of roadways in Montenegro is 5,174 km. The two main roads are Adriatic highway from Igalo to Ulcinj (along the coast) and the roadway Petrovac -Podgorica-Kolašin-Bijelo Polje.
Montenegro is a maritime country with a long maritime tradition. Kotor is an old maritime center of this part of the Adriatic. Today, the port with the highest importance is the port of Bar. There is a regular ferry shipping line between Bar and Bari. Kotor, Tivat and Zelenika are smaller ports.

Border crossings:

Serbia: Ranče, Čemerno, Dobrakovo, Kula, Draženovac i Vuče
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sitnica, Ilino brdo, Vraćenovići, Krstac, Nudo, Šćepan Polje, Metaljka i Sula
Croatia: Debeli Brijeg i Kobila
Albania: Božaj, Sukobin i Grnača